About Me


Brooke Wert has her Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration of Public Relations at the University of Oregon. Brooke is self-motivated with quick learning capabilities. She hopes to find a job that challenges her to think strategically and creatively.

From working at Nordstrom to working at King Estate Winery, she learned to work in fast-paced environments as well as the joy of exceeding customer’s expectations.

Brooke has a passion for hospitality and serving others, which she realized from her experience as a concierge host for King Estate Winery. There she assists with daily business tasks and planning day-to-day outlines. Brooke has impeccable customer service skills and is experienced at staying calm and personable under pressure; these qualities have made her ready to take on any situation in her profession.

Through managing her work schedule at King Estate Winery and a full school schedule; Brooke applied her active listening, goal-attainment and attention to detail skills, giving her the ability to organize and excel in accomplishing her tasks efficiently.

In her free time, Brooke enjoys running, baking, spending time with her family, and snuggling with her kitten Oliver.


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